Рассказ «The Heaven Gate»

Сегодня предлагаем прочитать забавную историю о том, как тайное становится явным. Переведите её, используя переводы сложных слов в скобках.

The Heaven Gate (врата)

3 men died and went up to heaven (рай). The guy at the gate said “The better you were to your wife, the better kind of car you’ll get.”

The first guy was very loyal (верным) to his wife and got a Ferrari. The second man fought (дрался) with his wife so he got a broken down (поломанная) car. The last guy cheated (изменял) on his wife at times (иногда) so he got a scooter (мопед).

One day the guy on the scooter saw the guy in the Ferrari crying. He asked him, “Why are you crying?”

He answered, “I think my wife was faithful (преданная) to me, but I just saw my wife on roller skates (роликах).