David  преподаватель - носитель английского языка 
July 2016 276
Я преподаю:  English
Я владею:  English
Профессиональный опыт:  I teach English at intermediate to advanced level with a primary focus on Business English. I also introduce business executives to the cultural differences between doing business in the US/Europe and the Russian Federation.
  I am involved in numerous businesses around the world.  I am the President of an advertising agency in New York City, I am the chairman of a Swiss-based company and I am also the managing director of an Irish company that focuses on the trading of Russian commodities


Личная информация: The English language means a lot for me – interesting job, new acquaintances, travelling and friends all over the world.
Образование: I have under-graduate degree in Business from University College Dublin, Ireland and I also have an MBA with a focus on Economics and Finance from the Judge School, Cambridge

Я преподаю следующие курсы: Basic English, conversation, business English, with children, teenagers (school program), for travelling, consultations
Я специализируюсь на учениках с уровнем:, intermediate and upper-intermediate advanced (Business English).

Отзывы студентов: