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1 Variety helps socializing

2 The Net socializing

3 Negative socializing

4 Fears of loneliness

5 Socializing dominates education

6 Eager to socialize

7 Family socializing

8 Kids need more socializing

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РАЗДЕЛ "ЧТЕНИЕ" в ГИА (true or false)
Do you know what time it is right now? How do you know? Did you take a look at a wall clock? Glance at your wrist watch? Sneak a peek at your mobile phone? Today we take time-keeping for granted, but  of course the very concept of time-keeping is a human invention, with its origins dating back thousands of years.

The first mechanism was probably the sun-dial. This method, which used the moving shadow of the sun to tell time, was widely used in ancient times. A well-constructed sundial is quite accurate, but of course it only works during the day, and only on sunny days. Hourglasses were an invention that made it possible to mark the passage of time at night, in-doors, and in the dark.
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